Bondo Workshop

Presented by Bruce Miller & Carole Anne Cantey

December 8 – BONDO Workshop

What started as a code word between Karen and me is emerging as a movement toward heart-first connections.

The Urban Slang Dictionary forgot to include “Bondo,” but if it did, Bondo: n. The capacity to form and maintain intimate relationships.

Usage: “She’s got Bondo.”  “Or, I won’t survive without Bondo.” 
How about: “1969: Turn on your Lovelight. 2023: I’m connecting with Bondo!”

I will be joined by my co-creator, Carole Anne Cantey. Carole Anne is a long-time friend, Karen’s partner in Bondo, and a Licensed Professional Counselor from Columbia, SC.


  • Bondo and nuclear fusion — the source of energy for all Life
  • The psychological basis for Bondo Deficit (Is there a pill for BD?)
  • The Seven Seas (C’s) that build Bondo in a relationship
  • Bondo as a creative force akin to sex
  • Building Bondo with or without a marriage partner – even in the drive-thru
  • Practical Bondo: Breaking the Fourth Wall in heartfelt encounters
  • Healing the “Trauma Story” (past) versus “Actionable Bondo” (present)
  • Dissolving an impasse: The risk of placing your position on the shelf (thank you, Karen).

The Friday morning workshop will run roughly from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm. Extracurricular option: 1:00 pm –  We will partner up, walk to random restaurants on the Square, practice Bondo, and return to share what was discovered.

COST: This modality is still being developed, so it is free. Donations will be accepted if you find it of value to you.

Learn more about Bondo at

Please email me to RSVP.

615 Sycamore Street, Decatur GA